Moderation Policy

Messages that you send to discussion lists on this site may be subject to moderation.

The role of moderator is not to censor postings. The objective is to keep discussions within the defined topic, and to ensure that postings comply with the site's Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy.

Moderating allows members with moderator authority to approve, edit or reject emails sent by other members before they are sent to the group as a whole.

Groups include a feature to enable moderation to apply to only the first few messages sent to a group. This allows moderators to "vet" new members so that inappropriate messages can be stopped and these new members can be made aware of group policies regarding email content, without the problem of having to approve postings from established group members. The number of initial messages to moderate per user is configurable. Of course, full moderation is also an option, giving the moderator(s) in the group total control over email content sent to the group.

Moderation settings can also be applied specifically to individual members, so extra moderation can be placed on problem members, and trusted members can be allowed easier posting.

What does the Moderator do?

The group moderator will be sent an email notification each time a member sends a message that requires moderating to the group. They can then moderate the message either through the web interface or via email.

The moderator can do one of three things:

  • Approve the message - the message content is acceptable and does not require moderation
  • Edit and approve the message - some of the message content does not conform to group policy, and so requires some editing. It is customary for the moderator to include an indication that this message has been edited under moderation.
  • Reject the message - the message content is inappropriate, and cannot be forwarded to the group. Normally the moderator will reject the message and will specify a reason for the rejection. The rejected message is sent back to the original member who sent it.
Only messages that have been approved or edited and then accepted are forwarded on to the group.